The Open C Observations


I'm happy to announce to the world that my latest collection of songs it available now on all the streaming platforms or you can listen to it for free on my site/album/1127677/the-open-c-observations.  Fingers crossed that I'll have them available on vinyl at Bragg Jam.

These are some of the most personal songs I have written and their lyrical themes of mortality, place, and experience are clearly evident. I hope you have a chance to settle in and give it a listen

Thanks to Erika Burks for getting the cover ready to print and Jesse at Glow Studio for the amazing mastering.  Big thanks to Travis Reeves and Justin Smith for their musical magic.  Most importantly thanks to Shawn Williamson at Starstatic Studio for engineering, producing, playing, mixing, and helping these songs take shape.  

Been Too Long EP

Thanks for swinging by.  Things are just gearing up.  For your listening pleasure I offer Been Too Long. This EP is made up of four songs that didn't quite make the cut for my upcoming vinyl release (just a couple months away). While your here check out when and where I'm playing next or just go look at all the goofy faces I can make.  Later y'all.  Stay righteous!

Its finally time... 

Maybe it's the new year or maybe it's recently turning 40.   Truth be told, I feel like it's just time to get off my ass and back to the fun of making and sharing music.  I'm looking forward to getting some new songs out of my head and house and into yours.  But in the mean time I've added three versions of "Pecan Suit" for your listening pleasure (and at times my dis-pleasure).  I've been playing this song for 8 years and would imagine their will be another version or two of it in the years to come.

The first is from 2008 at the Golden Bough Bookstore in Macon.  Folks used to gather there to watch each other and support each other as we played our songs.  This particular night I had borrowed Kevin Meadows 8-track CD recorder to make my first live recording.  Some of the between-song banter is even better than the music. Maybe one day I should just put that up on here.

I'm not certain when the second version of Pecan Suit was recorded, but it was definitely between the other two.  I know Heidi Clinite (and maybe Justin Smith) and I recorded it at Star Motel Studios with Rob Evans.  I was so stoked about this that I decided to have it mastered for real... unfortunately at press time it cannot be confirmed that this is actually those masters.

The last version comes from an album called How We Can Save Bears which came out in 2012.   For a brief time I had the privilege of playing with and making this record with some of my favorite Maconites and Macon musicians (aka Chris Nylund, Justin Smith, Vinnie Thomas, Shawn Williamson).   I love and thank each of you.  Every time I hear songs (and particularly the drums) from How We Can Save Bears, I am reminded to savor each moment with my friends because they can be fleeting.  RIP Vinnie.

Enough of the sad stuff, just go check out the songs and stay on the lookout for a couple new ones.

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FNS Presents: Living Room Concert Series with Justin Cutway & Aaron Irons

Cox Capitol Theatre, 382 2nd St, Macon, GA

Thanks to generous support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Field Note Stenographers will partner with the Cox Capitol Theatre to present four concerts in August, September, October and November of 2016. The concerts, dubbed the Living Room Concert Series, will focus on the listening experience, putting the artist first and foremost in an intimate setting.

Rather than separate the artist from the audience, the Living Room Concert Series will promote a communal atmosphere that encourages connections with a of variety musical styles, from hip hop to psychedelic country-rock. There are a few locals, and there are a few nationally-recognized acts on the bills.

The experience will take on the look and feel of a house concert, but take advantage of the existing Cox Capitol Theatre, a beautifully restored historic theatre in downtown Macon. However, rather than use the traditional stage setup, the concerts will take place in the areas normally reserved for standing-room guests, and the bottom half of the theater will closed off. As such, tickets to the events will be limited.

Field Note Stenographers has decided to book a few more shows in 2016. As luck would have it, we got Brett Harris for our first one. Brett Harris played on the Field Note Stenographers stage at Bragg Jam and he has also performed in Macon at a Music Ambassadors show. in short, we're fans of this guy and hope you will be too. $5 cover.