In Case You Were Wondering

Justin Cutway, who was born in western Pennsylvania but now lives in Macon, GA,  writes and plays subtle songs that provide lush illustrations of the world with a sense of wonder and humor. His songs bypass the common singer/songwriter habit of naked introspection with lyrics full of imagery taken from nature and sentiments borrowed from simpler times sung with honesty and power.  The music Cutway adds to these lyrics can range from a few notes gently plucked on nylon strings with sparse arrangements of found sounds to folky acoustic strums to full on guitar rock explosions powered by multiple riffs and thunderous rhythms.

A dedicated follower of the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) ethos, Cutway has had several small releases under the pseudonym Trendlenberg that date back to 1995.   While using Trendlenberg, Cutway has explored noise and ambient noise as well as found sound collage.  Having milled around Macon and played in a few local bands and projects over the last 10 years, Cutway has started to settle back into the singer/songwriter mode and it seems to be suiting him perfectly.  Don't be surprised, however if Trendlenberg continues to get noise-y.